1, Nigeria is the only country in the world that has no record of people that are born today and people that died today.

2, Nigeria is the 4th in the world and number one in Africa as the biggest oil producing country but fuel scarcity is the news of the day.

3, Nigeria is the only country that their citizens dies in diaspora and without the contribution of friends and people the corpse can’t be brought home for proper burial by the family. So if you are a Nigerian and anything happens to you that leads to death or injured you are on your own,Your country Nigeria don’t care.

4, Nigeria is the only country that their leaders send their kids abroad to study and acquire good and quality Education while back home no payment of Teachers and Lecturers in the Universities for months.

5, Nigeria is the only country that if you dare say no or protest against any statement or action of any leader you will be arrested and charge for TREASON which means you automatically want to overthrow the Govt. So sad,Nigeria is the only country that her citizens are dying all over the world in different prison for offenses that related to drug and crime because of the foolishness of her leaders and people who are blind and insane are still praising and praying for Nigeria to remain one.

6, Nigeria is the only country where their young youths prefer to travel abroad for prostitution and drug business because nothing works in their own country while the leaders are busy stealing billions and stored in Europe, Asia, America and other parts of the world for their generation to come.

7, Nigeria is the only country that NAVY officers are busy patrolling and harassing Innocents citizens on the streets instead of sea and ocean.

8, Nigeria is the only country that if husband and wife had misunderstanding either the wife or husband will rush quickly to the nearest Army Barack to call them to come and beat up either his wife or the husband and they foolishly do that without asking any question. Now tell me is that the work or duty of Army officers? When has they see any Army officer in Other part of the world settling family problem? Mad people.

9, Nigeria is the only country that a police officer will threaten to kill someone or even kill and tomorrow you see him or her on the streets with police uniform without been questioned or arrested and dismiss from police force.

10, Nigeria is the only country where her citizens easily denounced their nationality abroad without wasting time due to the failure of the contraption called Nigeria. Now tell me what makes Nigeria a country? It must be destroyed and crushed.





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