The year 2019 is here and the time for the presidential election is getting closer. Several Nigerians have declared their support for their preferred candidate while others feel the country needs to do better.

Nigerian celebrities have always been involved in politics as they sometimes run for office or they are used as tools to promote the campaign of some other candidates.

Perhaps for this reason, a number of celebrities do not like to speak against the people in power, so that it would not affect their brand as well as their friendships with politicians.

Nollywood veteran, Georgina Onuoha, has taken to her Instagram page to call on Nigerians to be wiser when it’s time to vote for a president.

Georgina Onuoha who is a famous Nollywood actress, model, television personality and philanthropist took to Instagram to disclose why Buhari doesn’t deserve a second term, disclosed that affording him a second term will be a betrayal of our justice, peace, equality and freedom.

Georgina Onuoha who came to fame in 1992 after acting the movie titled “Living in Bondage” wondered how any sane person will afford Buhari a vote or let alone a second term after sharing clips of the interactive media session Buhari granted last week.

The US based Nollywood actress turned Nurse, wrote;

This is truly sad .. that he doesn’t NO! And he is my president.That in a nation of almost 200 million people of different tribes that are intellectually gifted, these are the kind of men we in put in charge of the governance of our nation. I cry for my country. It is not enough to have PVC.. it is the notion that we have to pick one of the lesser evil speaks volume.

Bunch of uneducated, visionless and old cabals that have driven this nation into the gutters. How any sane person, will afford Buhari a vote or let alone a second term will be a betrayal of justice, peace, equality and freedom. A man who spent over 80 percent of his current administration in London receiving treatment! Yet he finds it hard to relinquish power. They are not the problem.. we the people are the problem. We are our own worst enemy. And until we emancipate ourselves from this mental slavery, we will keep rotating old cargos with zero vision for the most populous black nation on earth.
Nigeria we hail thee,
Our own dear native land,
Though tribe and tongue may differ,
In brotherhood we stand,
Nigerians all, are proud to serve
Our sovereign Motherland.
Our flag shall be a symbol
That truth and justice reign,
In peace or battle honour’d,
And this we count as gain,
To hand on to our children
A banner without stain.
O God of all creation,
Grant this our one request,
Help us to build a nation
Where no man is oppressed,
And so with peace and plenty
Nigeria may be blessed.



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