The 1996 revolution, otherwise known as coup, was carried out to save the Yorubas and the middle belt from total Islamisation and genocide. In appreciation, they conspired to massacre over six million Biafrans. 

Today, a Boko Haram faction called Fulani herdsmen with a deep rooted affiliation to the Nigeria military is on the verge of capturing the entire middle belt and Yoruba land. And you know what? The only force repelling them from invading Biafra land once again is IPOB. Doubt this naked truth at your own peril. But hear this; as long as a Fulani man remains in Aso Rock, Ahmadu Bello’s jihad mission is very much alive. The Koran is on an executive flight to Atlantic ocean and only a total disintegration of Nigeria can crash it. One unique thing about jihad all over the world is that once the master plan has been hatched, it can patiently wait for hundreds of years before the execution completes the cycle. This is why no reasonable Nigerian should sleep with two eyes closed. The census was rigged for a purpose, the constitution was rigged for a purpose, the elections are rigged for a purpose, everything about the country is simply an unbalanced equation- just for breeding of an impending cataclysm.

The tragedy is that many people are still in the dark. State sponsored propaganda has destroyed Nigeria. This is why so many people are wallowing in ignorance thinking they’re educated. After watching NTA and Channels television, a pseudo-intellectual that went to Nigeria university for two years and observed strike for four years will come out and be attacking IPOB. This is why a brown envelope journalist at Lagos-Ibadan expressway will sit down in an uncompleted building and be publishing trash with zero investigation all in the name of journalism.

Just wait till January 31st, one of the 1966 revolutionaries, Colonel Nwobosi will release a book that will provoke tremor across Nigeria and the evils of this British contraption shall be exposed. Just wait.


Written By Paul Ihechi Alagba,
Family Writers Press Analyst.



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