RIVERS — “We didn’t demand for elections from them, all we ask them to do is to conduct a referendum,” Mrs Chikezie Nkeiruka, the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) Oyigbo Local Government Area women leader said in an interview.

While supporting Nnamdi Kanu’s call for boycott of the February 16, 2019 Nigeria’s Presidential election, Mrs Nkeiruka expressed sadness over the killings in Nigeria, stating that the foundation and system on which Nigeria is built on is faulty.

“The foundation and system on which Nigeria is built on is faulty, very wrong. If this is a great ‘nation’ as they say, there wouldn’t be need to preach unity like they do.”

Speaking further, Mrs Nkeiruka said that the federal government of Nigeria does not show much concern, and has not taken any necessary action for the perpetrators of the crimes to face the law and justice.

“Boko Haram, Fulani herdsmen and the military are slaughtering us and the government shows no much concern about it but they want us to vote. Vote for who? For what?….

“If someone tell you to go out and vote, ask them what have been the benefits of the votes and elections you’ve participated in the past…
We say no to election in BiafraLand”.



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