The murderous PDP Abia State Governor who killed Biafran people in Aba National High school and in Afaraukwu Ibeku Umuahia at Nnamdi Kanu hometown in the name of Operation Python Dance 2, as everyone knows he is one of the most devilish governor in Igbo land.

Today 27th January has repay him back with disgrace and shame, Okezie Ikpeazu Abia State and his evil PDP politicians scheduled to visit to St. Mary’s Catholic Church Aba Abia State to bribe the priest and force them to influence their Church members to vote the murderous Governor Okezie Ikpeazu, this didn’t go well as he forgot that Biafra land is owned by Biafrans and everything Nnamdi Kanu said is the collective will of the Biafran people.

However Okezie got information that Biafrans has occupied the Church so he sent his delegates, as they came with their security men, their were giving opportunity to speak as soon he said Okezie Ikpeazu sent him to the Church with Monetary gifts and urge the Church to vote Okezie Ikpeazu again, IPOB members present in the Church rise immediately and start shouting no election in Biafra, Biafran flags were raised everywhere in the Church, all the Politicians were disgraced to the core and they were escorted out by Nigeria Security men to avoid linching.

Meanwhile IPOB rallied around the axis with Biafran flags in a peaceful No Election Evangelism.

Biafrans around the area was very happy and joined the evangelism, stating that IPOB stands is the only way to free Biafrans from the shackles of enslavement by Nigerian politicians, they further stated that Nnamdi Kanu is God’s sent and vowed to follow his instruction in order to get our nation Biafra restored.

Umuchiukwu Writers Reporting.



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