David Umahi, The Current Governor of Ebonyi State, has once again expressed how he hired over 2,000 person to possibly force up the multitude that cheered President Muhammadu Buhari presence at the Abakiliki Township Stadium.

Gbam TV Report confirmed that Umahi also said he did why he did to avoid the president seeing an empty seats because, APC was never recognized in the state.

“I want to also debunk the news making round the net that am Paying any amount I like to workers in Ebonyi State, if am doing that I would have long ago been exposed in the media”, He Said.

“When they have nothing to accused you of, they have to come up with something”, Umahi Stressed.

The Governor also made it clear while speaking to newsmen that he released #4million for workers in the state to access any agric business, made Friday a work free day for them to go out their personal business activities.

The Governor Further stressed that “The crowd you see there, 2,000 of them are from me because I know they have nobody”.

With the expression by the Ebonyi state Governor, truly state categorically what happened in Aba, Calabar, Others could be same as What occurred in Abakiliki.



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