A boy known as Chukwuarugo Ovuta from Amagu community in Ezza south LGA has undergone a traditional religious liturgy of walking round the playgrounds in different hamlets of the community bare-assed, for stealing a fully grown sheep that belongs to one of the local women in the same community popularly known as Mama Obum.

When interrogated, the boy admitted committing the crime, citing primary six exams as the invisible hand that pushed him into the unsuccessful dirty deal, he said that his father is dead and only his mother is left to take care of him which was why he left to his maternal grandmother’s home where the said crime took place.

Those who knew the boy and witnessed the incident described the boy as a professional criminal who changes into a long tick black pyjamas at the wee hours of the night in other to silence and steal fowls, goats and ducks which he sells to another “boggi boggi” in Eke market.

The boy said he is presently a Barrow pusher at Eke Imoha market, when a search was ordered on him, an unknown drug tablets and 100 naira note was found in his pocket, on my intervention, the youth later released the boy and I prepared to meet with his parents for proper counselling and for possible rehabilitation.

But seeing the ill treatment meted on this juvenile because of a sheep by some youths in the community made me ponder on why we the youths have continued whetting the edges of classical barbarism, why must they go out of the horizons of present day neo-moral injunctions, naking an underage in the name of punitive measures can never be accepted in a saner clime.

Without being captious or sophistical, I want to state that what transpired between the boy and those youths is unacceptable, condemnable and wrong in all ramifications or am I wrong?

Credit: Alex Ifeanyi Oguta



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