The Apga frag bearer in Anambra, Victor Umeh receives the treatment of IPOB.

Just after ABA did theirs, Onitsha Mgbuka Obosi followed suit. Today IPOB Mgbuka Unit disgraced Victor Umeh the candidate of APGA who is a senator. They told him to his face that all they want is Biafra Referendum and without date for that no Electing of any politician to Nigeria government. Even when the police came confronting them to calm down so that Victor Umeh can speak. It fell to deaf ears as they keep singing “Holy, holy holy, Nnamdi Kanu”…. They also told the police men all we want is Biafra Referendum.

Sit at home 16/2/2019. Let efulefus keep crying, IPOB is growing stronger.

Mazi Chukwudi Okeke Reporting



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