The Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB Has allegdely Accused Nigeria Government of Kiing and Arresting it’s members in Owerri and Aba on 11th, Febuary.

Following the statement released by it’s Media And Publicity Secetray, Emma Powerful opens up on how Nigeria combined Military Force Arrested two their members in Aba this morning, inculding a husaband and wife.

Meanwhile, Noting that Any day they are provoked to pick up arms, Nigeria Government should be held responsible.

Spokesperson Said: “Nigerian Army is conducting a stealth genocidal war against Biafrans and it is the responsibility of the world to take note”.

“We have been made to feel that a Biafran life is worthless. Let these facts be chronicled for posterity because we shall reference them at the appropriate time. Any day we start, let the world not blame us. Those that gave the Nigerian army license to kill our people will regret it, them and their families”.


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