GbamTV– The former President, Goodluck Jonathan has once again Blamed the present administration for the nation backwardness, ungrowth and unable to move the country forward.

Goodluck, made this open speech during PDP presidential Canditate rally in Port harcout lamenting on lack of development Infastructure and maintance of Nation’s policy.

He said: “All of us know that from May 29, 2015, till date, the number of things that have never happened in this country has been happening. And in 2015, I did mention that the choice before Nigerians was either to move forward or backward. And within these past years, you can attest for yourself. Are we going forward, backward or static?

“Following all this lists and promises like Unemployments, Poverty, Happiness, Healthcare and many more none of them has been set on place or accomplished” Jonathan speaks in Total disappointment.

Speaking on Buhari’s statement in Zamfara, Goodluck lambasted with fullness of shock saying if a President of a nation can say; Let us pray for rainfall, let us pray we grow food, let us pray we feed well and then we can begin to make trouble” if Your president can make such unhealthy statement in public what then do you expect from him?

“All we need is peace, we want love, we also want good job becacuse that’s one of the key ways to establish a nation’s growth”, He said.



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