The Deputy Leader of the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB), Alphonsus Uche Okafor Mefor has called on the Niger-Delta Top Prominent Leader, Asari Dokubo to maintain fighting for their freedom, oil well owners and not Security for plunderers.

This message came after Asari faulted Nnamdi Kanu over his call for election boycott in southeast, South south Part of Nigeria which is still presently a big threat and causing nightmare for Nigerian Political personals.

Gbam TV report gathered that Mazi Alphonsus Uche Mefor lambasted Asari Dokubo, A Biafran from the coastal region after claiming Igbos are cowards.

Alphonsus Uche Said: “You are brave, vicious, warriors… Igbos are not .., they are cowards but the oil well in your own backyard is owned and controlled by the “Gambaris”, the fulanis, your enemies? and yet you the brave and warrior prefer to be an ordinary “oil pipeline security” contractor to them?

“Let me remind you that IPOB has a command structure with highly entrenched ethos founded on the irreducible, supreme principle of ideological consistency that is so sacrosanctly refined and led by the inspirational and charismatic leader, Nnamdi Kanu from whom IPOB and hardcore Biafran faithful take instructions and draw inspiration”, IPOB Deputy Replied.


  1. It is absolutely necessary to call the attention of well meaning Biafrans that IPOB’s delight in insulting Alagbo Asari Dokubo because he holds a view that is diametrically opposed to that of Nnamdi Kanu is unconscionable and should be stopped forthwith. This was how IPOB in 2016 under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu, criticized our idea of Referendum and presently IPOB is singing the chorus of Referendum with impunity. So Biafrans are used to this IPOB 360 degrees change in the implementation of the restoration of Biafra Strategic Policies. However, I need to apprise all Biafrans that the Ibo States alone cannot and will not achieve the restoration of the Third Biafran Republic. It could be recalled that Biafra lost the war in 1968 as a result of the refusal of the Ijaw Citizens to collaborate with Biafra in its defence against the Nigerian war of genocide against Biafra so we do not want a repetition of undesirable history. From Management Science Perspective, the Ijaws, Akwa Ibomites, and Calabarians are a class of variables otherwise known as Hygienic Factors whose values are reciprocals of their absence. In addition, I would want Alabo Asari Dokubo to know that the enlightened population of Biafrans would like to distant themselves from any attempt to insult any indigene of Ijaw, Akwa Ibom or Calabar. because we are all in the war against oppression together. Hail Biafra, land of high need achievers.


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