A Couple Mr and Mrs Ezeji who are IPOB activists regains, their freedom, after an illicit detention in Owerri Prisons Imo State.

The Couples were arrested in their residence at late hours of 11th February 2019 by the Nigeria SAARS. While beating the couples to pulp, the Nigeria security agents verbally claimed they play Radio Biafra London Broadcast in their residence, which attracts people, thereby committing Treasonable Felony.

They were detained for more than 24hours against the Nigeria Constitution, then arraigned in Magistrate Court Owerri on the 13th Of February 2019 and were faced with baseless charges;
(I) Treasonable Felony
(II)Compelling the President to change his measures or counsel in Nigeria

Members of IPOB freed
Members of IPOB freed

The Charges was challenged by IPOB Counsel Barrister Chijioke Emenalor, thereby securing Bail for the defendants.

Bail Conditions are as follows;

(1)The Sureties shall provide #500,000
(2)Sureties must be resident within jurisdiction
(3)Affidavit of Means must be provided
(4)Deposit evidence of tax payments 2015, 2016 and 2017
(5)Deposit photocopies of their Personal Voters Card
(6)Deposit evidence of payment of NEPA bills for Two proceeding months
(7)Sureties must be recommended by defence counsel represents each of Tue accused person

The Conditions were dully perfected by IPOB, hence their freedom.

With the force of aid accorded by IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu towards the release of the activists, the Younger Brother to Mr Ezeji astonishingly praised the Unity of IPOB. In his statement “I have never seen such Unity force like this.

This people are indeed united and Great. IPOB stood by my Elder Brother and his Wife wonderfully well, in an unprecedented manner. I am blessing them, with all my heart. Our Family appreciate all of you”.

Members of IPOB freed in owerri
Members of IPOB freed in owerri

The married activists vowed never to capitulate and appreciated the Leadership for their immense effort, towards fighting for their freedom and against injustice.

Reporter: Ibeh Gift Amarachi


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