The Leader Of Indigenous People Of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu has further spoken on his bail revocation by Justice Binta Nyako.

Speaking on Radio Biafra London, he noted vividly that “Biafrans Are not Wanted in Nigeria” which he referred to as Contraption.

He Said: “One Law law for Fulani another law for the rest if the people”.

“If not for the vigilance of the defence team handling the case for my sureties, Binta Nyako would have done the bidding of the cabal and sent Abaribe to prison. Her sole intention was to collect 300 Million Naira from my sureties to keep swelling the coffers of the Fulani judiciary”.

“How many Fulani people convicted of far more heinous crimes ever posted cash bond? This is the question I want Binta Nyako to answer”.

“How many Fulani herdsmen have you asked to deposit cash bond as part of their bail condition? How many Boko Haram suspects have you ever demanded cash bond from? This is conformation that we Biafrans are not wanted in that contraption called Nigeria. One law for the Fulani and another law for the rest of the people.




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