The Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB has dragged Edo Community domiciled in the City of Vienna, Austria to court for stealing Biafra flag brought into the pitch during Nigeria Vs Czech Republic friendly Match.

According to the reporter, the Edo community denied being responsible for the disappearance of the said Flag. Meanwhile, It was stated that camera was placed all over for monitoring events as they unfolding while, IPOB having full confidence that the truth must prevail at the end of the legal action.

“9th April 2019 Court Case proceeding between IPOB Austria and Edo community in Austria,it was a succesful one as the Court was adjourned for the next hearing”.

“They Stole the Biafran Flag in a Football friendly Match between Nigeria and Czech Republic,and denied about it, Not knowing that there were Video Camera everywhere.maybe the think here is Zoo where their is no electricity to Mount cameras everywhere for the purpose of Security”.

“We decided to follow it in a legal way,after they denied that they never came in contact with our pride (Biafran Flag ).having known that here is not Zoo, where Charge and Bail lawyer will collect Peanuts to frustrate the justice.Thanks to our legal representative who have been Fighing all along for us, which justify the lyrics of My Music Mentor lucky Dube who Preaches Not every black man is your Brother and not every White man is your enemy”.

“All we need is to put a stop to these there arrogancy over the issue of our Restoration which we Biafrans never included them in our territory….the video will be published soonest”.



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