The President Of Aligbo Development Foundation, Prof. Uzodinma Nwala has disclosed his concern and how disappointed he is under Nigeria present status.

In a press statement, while speaking to newsmen he revealed the reason why igbos lost the war in 1967-1970. Claiming it wasn’t God’s plan for them to remain under Nigeria as one.

He said: “I’m disappointed because I’m truly and generally aware that things are not moving in the right direction, particularly as they concern our people Ndigbo. I was one of those who were brought up in an environment where we believed that Nigeria was a genuine nation state that was being built up to be the pride of the black man and the pride of Africans”.

Also he revealed that In the hay days of pan-Africanism, Nigeria was being built as a nation that will bring together all the blacks.

“While we were studying in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the spirit and air of Nigerian nationalism was oozing all over the whole place. I was the Chairman of Awolowo Hall in Nsukka. You also had Bello Hall, Isa Kaita Hall. All those ones were named after genuine actors in the process of building a great African nation and we were great Zikists, great nationalists until something happened; there was a coup of 1966. But before that coup, we witnessed the census crisis, we witnessed the election crisis, with NCNC boycotting the elections and later rejoining. We witnessed the Midwest crisis and all the killings and so on, we witnessed all the wars of attrition, killing of the Igbo”.

“Some of us went to Enugu and saw headless bodies and bodies of pregnant women and we started asking ourselves whether we were really building a nation of the dream of Zik and others”.

In his last version of his speech he disclosed that Igbos were also reading Kwame Nkrumah, Nasa, Jomo Kenyata, and others. We were great pan-Africanists who believed that we should build a great nation that will supplant the colonialist traps.”



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