The planned and well executed coordinated attack on Obigbo by Fulani terrorists and the murder of Prince Orubum Worenwu by Fulani Nigerian army last night was the reason the bloated traitor created the diversion that kept us busy online as Fulani terrorists infiltrated Obigbo to carry out mass killings of our people.

This tactics of diverting our attention away from defence of our land employed by traitors and caliphate slaves in our midst should not be allowed to happen again.

I have been pondering the reason why the Janjaweed bloated toad of the creek will suddenly become a video distributor and defender of a non-Izon in the person of Anthony Nwoko when his fellow ‘Niger Deltan’ Onnoghen is being thoroughly disgraced by his Alimajiri masters.

As the scale and ferocity of the attack on our people in Obigbo unfolded, I knew his distraction was a calculated attempt to keep IPOB busy with online battles as he planned with his Zoo government masters to attack and kill our people in Obigbo.

It does not matter how many years it takes; two things are certain, all traitors must die and Biafra will be restored.

IPOB Intelligence must make sure we deal any Fulani terrorist in Obigbo the same we dealt with them in Anam. What happened in Obigbo last night should not be allowed to happen again. IPOB Intelligence in Igweocha should take note.



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