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Buhari pushing Nigeria to deterioration— Sen. Abaribe

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

/ by Joe Shnayder

The Senate Minority leader, Enyinnaya Abaribe, on Wednesday, affirmed that the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), is pushing the nation to war and deterioration. 

Abaribe, who addresses Abia Central, ascribed the spates of weakness and killings in all parts of the nation to "Buhari's approach of nepotism terrible sectionalism". 

The senator , who talked in his feature address at 2021 law seven day stretch of the Owerri Branch of the Nigeria Bar Association, said that the president's "enthronement of sectionalism and nepotism has prompted the nation to be on freefall." 

The opposition leader  expressed that the "ethnic triumphalism of President Buhari's tribesmen, Fulani, has similarly helped in filling deterioration of the country." 

Abaribe said, "In my communications with Nigerians across all partitions and classes, you get the feeling that Nigerians would prefer not to do battle. You likewise get the feeling that Nigerians would prefer not to be separated into numerous smaller than usual nations today. 

"However, Nigerians are being moved to the divider by two things: Nepotism and sectionalism of this administration and ethnic triumphalism that is continuing; bringing in individuals from outside Nigerian who come into this country and obliterating individuals in this country and no exertion is being made to handle the issue since certain individuals think they are of a specific religion or ethnic identity. 

"Under the watch of the current government, Fulani civilian army are on a mission of success all over Nigeria. By penetrating and attempting to assume control over each area of this country, we have needed to observe killings of locals, ladies assaulted, farmlands annihilated, kidnappings of residents everywhere on the country and woodlands powerfully involved. 

"The security powers that should offer insurance appear to rather go about as though they are in plot with the hoodlums and this attacking armed force being treated with appearing lack of interest. 

"Nigerians who endure the worst part of these assaults day by day, lose trust in the possibility of solidarity of the country."

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