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Killing of Ikonso Don, tragic – Ohanaeze warns

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

/ by Joe Shnayder

The apex Igbo social association, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has portrayed the slaughtering of a top commander of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, Ikonso Don as a debacle. 

GBAM TV reports that this was contained in an explanation by the Secretary-General of the association, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro. 

He said the murdering had made Ikonso a saint and further deteriorated the strained security circumstance in the Southeast zone. 

Isiguzoro while scrutinizing the conditions encompassing the killing of the IPOB part, announced that "we have set aside effort to consider the whole circumstance prior to giving this proclamation and we feel that numerous inquiries are left unanswered.

"There are solid counter cases that Ikonso was not slaughtered during a weapon duel in opposition to the assertion by security organizations. What's more, our inquiry is: the reason murder a man you have abducted? For what reason did they not capture and indict him in a court of able locale? 

"Along these lines, we are scrutinizing the conditions encompassing his passing. Ikonso ought not have been slaughtered. His passing has immense results since he has been made saint, a legend, you can even see that the IPOB said they have renamed the Imo Government House after him. 

"The heightening of savagery we are seeing in the Southeast presently will not be going on in the event that they didn't slaughter him. Southeast is presently helpless before herders and obscure shooters." 

He blamed government powers for attempting to reuse savagery in the Southeast, asking why the zone ought to be so mobilized though individuals actually moved unreservedly in the Northeast. 

"Military activity isn't the arrangement, they ought to pull out troops from the streets. What the Federal government should do right now is to give the Southeast lead representatives all the help they need. We are not seeing it right now, government powers are somewhat making things hard for them. The lead representatives should start to lead the pack with the Federal government supporting them. 

"The Federal Government should likewise end all types of minimization of the Southeast, that is the reason the adolescents are furious. We have begun the way toward reestablishing harmony, we are conversing with all partners, each gathering, however the Federal Government should quit irritating issue." 

He similarly criticized "Abuja legislators" from the zone, blaming them for keeping quiet while individuals were being butchered. 

"Every one of them have bombed Ndigbo, they have not quite recently wouldn't participate in look for arrangement yet are keeping grave quietness. Indeed, even those of them near the President are not coming clean with him. They have all loose in Abuja while their house is consuming, however they should realize that if this fire isn't extinguished, no one will get away," he forewarned.

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