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Opinion: Only Referendum Can Redraw The Map Of Biafra

Saturday, April 24, 2021

/ by Contributor

Those joining the struggle now must be careful. Do you know why they must be careful? They must understand that there are ways things were before they joined, and it won't change even if they joined.
This struggle have a leader and they must abide by it. What led IPOB thus far is discipline and obedience to command and control. It simply means that without these things, there wouldn't have been any struggle to join.

Forget those saying that they are joining because MNK have changed his utterances. That is okwu na eso akụkụ. The last time I checked, MNK still calls a fool a fool and a wise man a wise man. If you think he has started calling an efulefu, a guru, then you are mistaken.
Secondly, I have read some of the intellectuals trying to start another narrative. They want MNK to go for a homogeneous Igbo nation. They are saying he will soon understand the need for that. You guys are mistaken. MNK is not the one that sent himself. Those that have followed him till today understands this perfectly, reason they are still follow him till this very day. Not even IPOB leader MNK has the right to change the map that was handed to him to rescue. The people will change the map if they wish.
Why is it that some people that should know the meaning of the word word referendum appears not to know its meaning? You will accuse MNK of not listening to you, yet you want MNK to autocratically remove non Igbo people from Biafra. Like he will look comrades from Efik, Ijaw etc in the face and tell them to get away?

Do you know that IPOB Leadership just released some Akwa Ibom men from prison. They were denied food by Nigeria Government that they now looked like people suffering from Kwashiokor. Those are the people you want to tell they are not Biafrans. You intellectuals can hide behind your useless keyboard to try to change the narrative. To say who should be in Biafra and who should not. Do you know the number of Ijaw and Efik men that came to Afaraukwu Ibeku in 2017 and died there?

Just yesterday, I posted about Akwa Ibom men abducted by Nigeria Army because of Biafra, but you can always talk what you don't know.
Only if you guys truly understand what is referendum, you will know that MNK have already solved this problem. It is Efik, Ibibio, Ijaw etc that will decide to and not to be in Biafra. Not you or anybody. They will go through referendum. They will decide to belong or not to belong. Even recently MNK said that any group that thinks they are different will go through referendum to decide if they want to be in Biafra or not. No one should be forced. It means that if Ikwere says they are not Igbo, they will have their own referendum to decide by themselves.
So tell me between you that says MNK should kick people out and MNK that said every body should decide by themselves, who is a true Democrat.

Referendum will be the one to redraw the Biafra map. And the people will give referendum such authority. Not you or any other.
If you are joining the struggle with the intention that MNK have changed, then you are not in the right state of mind. You need to acquire the right state of mind.
IPOB couldn't have reached this stage had it been IPOB members have been calling pigs dogs when we know they are all pigs.
Be guided.

Finally, I am not ignorant of some people from Ijaw, Efik, Ibibio etc saying trash about Biafra. I also tell them to embrace referendum. Let them vote No on that day and their wish will be granted. No one will be forced or begged into Biafra.
Biafra is God's kingdom on earth.

Elochukwu Nickolas Ohagi  , Philosopher, Teacher And Activist, 2021.

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