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Why we killed Igbo business man, eviscerated his body— arrested Fulani man

Saturday, April 24, 2021

/ by Joe Shnayder


A financial specialist and manager of a sachet water production company kidnapped from his home in Lafia, Nasarawa State has been murdered by his abductors. Mr. Osondu Nwachukwu was said to have been cut to death by his abductors following the failure of his significant other to raise the N5 million requested as payoff. 

A source who talked with our reporter, notwithstanding, said that the spouse had the option to acquire the some requested by the ruffians, yet when she could get across to them, they had murdered him and pressed his dismantled body in a sack. 

However, when his executioners were going to arrange his carcass, a few Fulani men who were getting back from the mosque were said to have seen them pushing something in a truck. The Fulani men asked them what they were conveying, yet before they could raise the caution, the suspects fled. 

The Fulani men were said to have announced the make a difference to the police, following which the Force Intelligence Response Team (IRT) swam into the matter and captured one Bello Mohammed, a local of Agyeregu Tasha in Lafia Local Government Area, Nasarawa State, on March 11. 

Mohammed has since admitted to the wrongdoing, saying he was important for a famous hijacking and cows stirring group and distinguishing different individuals from the pack as Maikano, Dogo, Hassan and Jubril. 

He told the police that it was an Igbo man in Lafia that brought the possibility that they ought to abduct the late Nwachukwu, an Igbo broker who until his passing dwelled at Tudun Kauri, Makurdi Road Lafia, on September 30, 2019. 

He said the posse chose to kill him in light of the fact that the family was not able to pay recover on schedule, after which they unloaded his body in a bramble at Bukan Koto along Makurdi Maraba-Ankunza Road, Lafia. 

Talking in the midst of tears, Nwachukwu's widow said: "We are honored with six kids. My better half possesses an unadulterated water production line and I ordinarily went along with him to maintain the business. 

"I was at home on Friday, 30th of November, 2019 when a few hijackers raged our home and stole my better half. 

"Later in the evening, I got a call that I ought to bring N40 million in the event that I needed to see my better half alive. 

"I begged them to show leniency as it was a Friday and banks had shut. 

"They asked me the amount I had and I revealed to them N40,000. They requested that I bring the cash and I did that evening 

"We were standing by to hear from my better half when I got a call from them that I ought not trouble as my significant other was dead. 

"I was informed that the individual that organized his hijack is from the East yet I was not speculating anybody by any means. 

"God will rebuff the individual behind my better half's grab and demise." 

In his admission, Mohammed, 37, said: "I'm from Nasarawa State. I have two spouses and eight youngsters and I am a dairy cattle rancher. 

"Things are hard for me as a rancher with eight youngsters. It was my brother by marriage, Dogo, who urged me to go along with them. He was the one that took me for the primary work. He heard that things were hard for us and chosen to show me the way. 

"On the abducting of the Igbo man, it was another Igbo man that brought the work, He disclosed to us that the man claimed an unadulterated water business and was extremely miserly. He guaranteed us that the man would pay in any event N10 million since he was so rich. 

"He gave us every one of the insights concerning his development and that the best spot to get him was his home. We went with three engine bicycles at about 8.30 pm and stuck around his compound. 

"Then one of us sat tight for him at the manufacturing plant region and followed him home. He was the person who cautioned us when they were headed to the house. 

"When he crashed into his compound around 9 pm, we followed him and over fueled him. We scanned his home for assets and hauled him along. 

"We conveyed him on our bicycle and took steps to murder him in the event that he challenged raise the alert. 

"At the point when we got to a spot, we halted and journeyed for quite a long time into Bukan Koto backwoods in Lafia. 

Inside the woods, there are numerous Fulani ranchers living with their spouses and kids. There, Dogo has a little hovel where we used to keep our casualties. 

"We called his (Nwachukwu's) spouse to bring a payment of N5 million and she said it was end of the week. 

"While we were at the refuge, the Igbo man who gave us the work called and we disclosed to him the circumstance of things. He said that the spouse was lying and not genuine about saving the existence of her better half. 

"Shockingly, the man caught our discussion and had the option to recognize the individual that gave us the work. The man advised us to murder him subsequent to gathering the cash. 

"We were prepared to save him however his better half was not putting forth any genuine attempt. So Dogo blew up and said that he was not, at this point inspired by the work. The man implored him however Dogo was excessively irate, and before we could hold him, he utilized his blade to remove the man's head. 

"Since he was at that point dead, Dogo cut his body into pieces and pressed them in a sack. I and two others were given the body to proceed to arrange at the closest stream. In the event that we attempted to burrow the ground and cover him, individuals may take note. 


"We were passing on his eviscerated body a wheel hand truck around 7 pm on a Sunday when we were halted by certain Fulani men who were returning from the mosque. We as a whole left the cadaver and fled. I surmise they were the ones who announced the make a difference to the police." 

Mohammed said the most noteworthy sum he at any point produced using an activity was N1.3 million, which he said he got from steers stirring. 

"We took around 1,400 steers and sold them," he said. 

"The best way to quit grabbing is by capturing the top dogs and making them to follow through on the cost as the law directs, in light of the fact that they are selecting young men consistently to supplant the ones that were slaughtered or captured. 

"I take tramadol and weed each day, and these medications are costly. We currently have 25ml of tramadol, which is more grounded. Everybody takes it and we offer it to the individual that we hijack so they will have solidarity to travel for quite a long time into the bramble. 

"Generally, after each fruitful seize activity, we would separate cash with which Dogo would purchase bounty sedates that would last us in any event fourteen days before we did another work." 

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