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Biafra Day: Gov. Willie Obiano Remembers Fallen Heroes and Heroines(Photos)

Sunday, May 30, 2021

/ by Contributor

You know a good leader from what he does with the collective memories of his people. You know a caring leader from the way he takes ownership of the pains and anguish of his people.

In Ozoemezina,  Governor Willie Obiano remembers the agonies and heroics of Ndigbo and their South South cousins who paid the Supreme Sacrifice in the Nigerian Civil War.

Today, as the entirety of humanity remembers those that died both at the war front and through such other causes as air raids, abortive air sorties, starvation, disease and so on in the course of the 30-month-old sanguinary open conflict, Gov. Willie Obiano's message of OZOEMEZINA resonates like never before. 

"We believe in the centrality of God in the affairs of men. We are bold enough to accept the cruel verdict of fate and bury our dead with fanfare. Our culture upholds the centrality of burial as a crucial epilogue in the narrative of life. It is this belief that prompted many citizens of this state to approach me, at the inception of this administration with a request for a formal burial of our brethren who died in the pogroms, the Civil War and the World War 11" - - - Governor Willie Obiano. 

Till date, Gov. Willie Obiano remains the only governor East of the Niger since after the Civil War to have summoned the courage to rebury our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and our children killed during the genocidal war and built a Cenotaph-a final resting place for our war dead. 

As we commemorate the 2021 Biafra Remembrance Day today, the Cenotaph built in Awka by Gov. Willie Obiano in memory of our fallen and unknown soldiers is expected to play host to thousands of wreaths as we take pride in remembering those that died that we may live.

Source: Arinzechukwu

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