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Breaking: Unlike Igbo elders, Oba Akintunde drums support for Yoruba nation

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

/ by Joe Shnayder

The Eselu of Iselu kingdom in Ogun State, Oba Akintunde Akinyemi, has proclaimed his complete help for the actualisation of Yoruba country. Oba Akinyemi talked in an interview with DAILY POST ISHOLA OLUDARE, focusing on that he has now set up shelters with the Oduduwa Republic instigators. The customary ruler, who said he used to be a defender of one-Nigeria, expressed that he has, notwithstanding, lost expectation in the country as he joined requires a Yoruba country, saying "we can't keep on dieing." 


What is your view on the calls for Yoruba country? 

Individuals disturbing for Yoruba country are doing so in light of the fact that they couldn't get the best from this country called Nigeria. What's more, in a circumstance where you are not getting result for what you are doing, you need to head out in a different direction. It's anything but an unquestionable requirement for us to be together in 60 years and no good thing is emerging from the country. Everything is deteriorating continuously. Individuals can't travel highway any longer. In Kogi there, just yesterday (Sunday), an entire Commissioner was killed without follows. You can't venture out from Ogun to Osun, ruffians and desperados are all over. Must we be together on the off chance that we are not getting results? Being all together ought to be with improvements; even relationships, if not working, everyone will store. It occurred between the UK and the EU. UK colonized Nigeria, however they headed out in different directions from the EU. This is a country with instances of hijacking; understudies and financial specialists are being executed. The greater part of our kin abroad can't return home, and we keep on saying we ought to oversee and everyone keeps on dieing. Must we go into war? However much I trust in one Nigeria, with the present circumstance now, I think I need to set up my shelter with this Yoruba country of a thing. We need to leave the country if this is all that we can get from the country. We can't keep on dieing. 

The Federal Government and the lead representatives won't permit withdrawal. How would you figure the instigators should commute home their requests to get results? 

It isn't by doing battle or by the obliteration of government property. It can pass via submission. What's going on in Nigeria presently has pulled in the consideration of the worldwide local area, and everything thing they can manage is to set up a sort of panel coming in to investigate the issues, the distinctions and the degree of instability in Nigeria. Release us into choice, we can store. That is reality since understudies don't have a sense of security at school any longer. The nation has imploded. 

Kabiyesi, on the off chance that you ultimately have a Yoruba country, do you think there will be a distinction? Will there be love and solidarity among individuals? 

Indeed, whatever issue we might be having in Yoruba land, remember we share a similar culture, we share a similar assessment and belief system. We are called 'Omoluabi'. There is no clan in Yoruba land that approaches slaughtering individuals, annihilating property. I remain to be adjusted. Disclose to me a state in the South West where the indigenes approach butchering individuals. We don't have such. At the point when we have our own security organization, when we have authority over our assets, our property and security bosses, we will actually want to plunk down together and talk. This issue that is going on now didn't occur in Yoruba land previously. However, it has spread like an infection, no place is secure once more; even the Western nations are blazing our name that their residents ought not approach Nigeria. On the off chance that this is all that Nigeria can give us, we need to stash. That is my point. 

All in all, would it be able to be said that you are on the side of Yoruba country? 

I don't expect an ordinary individual not to help Yoruba country on the off chance that we are not getting results from the nation called Nigeria. Is it true that we are fools? Must everyone be murdered? A great many people say they don't need Yoruba country since it is better for us to live respectively. That is in the event that we are living calmly. Be that as it may, we are not living calmly now. They are killing kids, killing grown-ups regular; weakness all over the place, grabbing all over. No turn of events, no water, nothing. All in all, for what reason must we kick the bucket in this sort of circumstance?

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