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Igbo Names And Identity Is Important - Popular Actor Zulu Adigwe Speaks (Video)

Monday, May 24, 2021

/ by Contributor

Popular actor Zulu Adigwe opened up on the importance of Igbo names and identity, Gbam Tv learnt.

Speaking in an interview with James Eze, the Actor said that Igbo identity is very essential for every Igbo born.

He added that, "Those people who don't give their Children Igbo name, I call them Indomine generation. After eating it they will get satisfied and forget where they originated from. Even my first grandchild I gave him an Igbo name but his father gave him a name I don't even know".

Getting further clarification, the videographer asked him what he have to say about those Igbo parents who don't give the children Igbo names.

"The things I will say is that let's all come back to our senses and know where we come from. Once we know our root there will be no more problem. This time around you see our people speaking other foreign languages. We even copy white man's life style more than the way they live their own life that's the cause", Zulu buttressed.


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