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Insecurity: FG disarming South to arm Northern JTF— Owhonda cries out

Friday, May 21, 2021

/ by Joe Shnayder

A Security Expert in Rivers State, Retired Colonel Chinedu Owhonda has portrayed as unbalanced, the activities of the Federal government to withdraw authorized arms from the South and South-Eastern piece of the country while offering them to the Civilian JTF in the North, leaving the South unprotected notwithstanding weakness. 

In a meeting with our journalist, Colonel Owhonda accentuated that such activity which was not completed in different pieces of the nation is troubling as it uncovered individuals of the area to untold risk. 

As indicated by him, individuals of the South and South-East are inhabiting the kindness of God. 

"The orders were given by the central government to withdraw authorized arms and ammo particularly from the South-South and South East. 

"It was disproportionate as in different pieces of the nation were not providing such requests. It was additionally asserted that the arms accumulated from the South-South/South-East were taking toward the North for the regular citizen JTF to utilize. 

"These arms were never delivered back to individuals here, presently the condition of weakness is high, as it is currently, those of us in this locale can't guard themselves. The request is unbalanced and it carries a ton of stresses to the indigenes of the south who were exposed to dropping their authorized arms to Security Officers and have nothing for Defense. 

"The national government can't give them back in light of the fact that these arms have been taken toward the North, likely given to wrong hands all things considered. I dread if the central government will turn around the request, when a request like that goes out, it's hard to invert, we are just living in this part by the kindness of God" 

He, notwithstanding, asked individuals of the area to try not to convey arms, so as not to conflict with the public authority's organization. 

"Truly when an administration makes a profession in regard to arms, anybody that conflicts with it would be viewed as doing some unacceptable thing and not submitting to the law, so such individual can be indicted. It is preferable one isn't seen over seen with arms"

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