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Breaking News: Police Again Raid IPOB's Lawyers Home, Many Wounded

Sunday, June 20, 2021

/ by Joe Shnayder

Nnamdi Kanu's Lawyer’s, Barr. Ifeanyi Ejiofor's Home has been reportedly raided by combined force of  Nigeria military and police. 

The report we gardered has it that the entire Lilu Communities in Ihiala Local government Area of Anambra State has been under military siege since 72 hours today being 20th June 2021. This resumption, surprisingly occured during and after the SouthEast Governors had a Meeting on the challenges in Security of the region.

Report has it that the military stormed the Community in search of Igbo men presumed to belong to the Eastern Security Network -ESN, a Volunteer Security formed by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu whose duty is specifically to push out Terrorist Fulani Jihadists from the bushes and farms where they hide and unleash havoc on the people. Unfortunately, the Governors who have Failed to provide solution to this Fulani menace, connived with the Nigeria State to attack and kill the Youths for daring to challenge the Terrorist Herdsmen.  Thousands of the Youths have been killed and the Killing is still going on unabated. 

Today, the entire Community of Lilu has been deserted. Women and children have all fled to safety due to the steady Airstrikes and land bombardment which has claimed lives of innocent people in their houses, GBAMTV NEWS gardered. 

One begins to wonder what instruction the demonic cowardly stooges called Governors gave to the Presidency that warranted the resumption of Air and Land bombardment again?
What is going on in the SouthEast?
Why is everyone Silent?

Last week we woke up to the attack on Barrister Ejiofor's home in this same Anambra State. His PA was killed and roasted like chicken by the military who abducted him. Four others abducted alive are still not located.

To the amazement of the World, the State Governor Willie Obiano hasn't made a statement in condemnation of such gruesome murder in a state he swore an Oath to Protect the people. Now you can see why the people of SouthEast disrespect the Governors and all their Politicians. These Governors supervise every.

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