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Herdsmen Will Carry AK47 And Invade Your Communities, When You Call Police or Army, They Feign Ignorance— Kanu Reacts

Saturday, June 12, 2021

/ by Joe Shnayder

The Leader Of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has stated that the Nigerian government is supporting killer herdsmen and making life miserable for southerners, according to Kanu who posted this on his official Facebook page said 'The mask wearing impostor told you today that Fulani herdsmen are not Nigerians rather they came from Central African republic'.

He further said, Someone from far away distance will cross through Niger republic into katsina, then dangote trailer will convey them down to south.

He furthermore stated that killer herdsmen will Carry AK47 and invade your communities, destroy your crops, kill and rape your mothers and when you call the police or army, they will feign ignorance to it.

Finally if you mobilize yourselves to attack back, same army and police will immediately come to protect them instead of protecting you.

If you're able to maneuver the terrorists in uniform and burn down their settlement, the dimwit called Garba shehu will immediately make a statement.

You see the kind of mess you find yourselves as Nigerians and all these things are happening because you agreed to hold tight to that which was created by a mere mortal Called lugard.

Thanks for the formidable #ESN who have come to end that madness and let's see any of them again in our bushes.

Benue state governor must mobilize and arm the youths to salvage his state or else, they will take it with the help of the terrorists in uniforms, Kanu says. 

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