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Stop comparing Buhari to Nnamdi Kanu, they are not the same - Yusuf Ali Educates Nigerians

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

/ by Contributor

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Yusuf Ali, speaks on the recent suspension of the micro-blogging site, Twitter, by the Federal Government in this interview with SOLOMON ODENIYI

The Federal Government said it suspended Twitter operations in Nigeria mainly because the platform was promoting fake news and misinformation in the country, what do you make of this?

The main cause is the alleged deletion of the President’s tweet on the Indigenous People of Biafra and I believe the Presidency should have handled this in a different way. Even though the platform was totally banned, Twitter is not the only online platform in the country. What will happen is that people will migrate to other platforms. What I am saying in essence is that suspending Twitter is never a solution to any retribution, because there are others with similar outreach that people can go to. I think the President should have been better advised.

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