News obtained from a source has it that, the United Nation has written to the Cameroon government, informing the Cameroon government that, Ambazonia was given to Cameroon based on the federal status which existed between Cameroon and the Southern Cameroon.

The United Nations has declared its intention to the Cameroon government to come to Cameroon in order to restore the federation that existed between the two Cameroons in 1961. No date was advanced for this event, but the word soon was mentioned.

Cameroon was informed that, it will no longer have control over Ambazonia, and Ambazonia resources, but Ambazonia will contribute to the up keep of the federal government by 40% of Ambazonian GDP.

Cameroon was informed that,Ambazonia will occupy 40% of Cameroon military. Ambazonia will have its consolates, Ambazonia will maintain its anglo-saxon tradition. Cameroon and Ambazonia will participate jointly to run their foreign embassies.

Ambazonia will be administered by Ambazonians, the federal government will be run on a rotative basis between the Cameroon government and the Ambazonian government. Ambazonia will make up 40% of the federal government and Cameroon 60%.

Ambazonia will have its own police, and public administration and educational and social systems.Ambazonia will build and run its own economy.Just as it used to be before the fake referendum.

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This was the communiucation from the UN Security Council to Cameroon government. Telling Cameroon it doesn’t own the territory of Ambazonia.

We now understand that, the Cameroon government in anticipating the coming of the UN, is planning to declare a ten state federation in Cameroon before the UN steps inn.

However the UN has made it clear to Cameroon that, the UN doesn’t need authorisation from Cameroon to come into Ambazonia.

All these issues are open to negotiations between Ambazonians and the Cameroon government, Negotiations that will be overseen by the United Nation.

My advice to AMBAZONIAN LEADERS IS that you have to form a unifying team of our best to be preparing for this coming event. Cameroon government will be negotiating with Ambazonians whom they have called all along “TERRORISTS”, this will be interesting to watch.

The starting point of negotiation will be to return to a two state federation, but our team should be going for total independence.

This was one of the point raised to Paul Biya, by the UD secretary of state for African during his last visit to Cameroon.
Some elements of these were mention in Cameroon press, some cameroon intellectuals are already holding their political class for losing Ambazonia, some are pointing out that Ambazonia was never Cameroon’s territory.(Dieudonné Essomba) If you doubt, and can read french, google Dieudonné Essomba and read his recent article.

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I have always said that, the day our freedom will come, our so called IG, Ayaba will not be aware. Our military should keep up the fighting spirit, and impose the pressure on the occupier.
GOD bless Ambaland and ALL its Children. GOD protect and give courage to our military to chase out the occupier before the coming of the UN, so that we shall not negotiate our land. GOD bless ALL Ambalanders.

With this pending good news, I thank GOD my GOD and my Father for giving our land back to us.

Also to my understanding from Cameroon government sources in Yaounde, and from Njamena in Chad, Cameroon government is looking for ways to withdraw its troops from Ambazonia completely.(But i will confirm this particular point in the coming weeks).

(source UN, USA State depart. personnel)



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